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It’s the martyrdom of the status quo in which we remain stuck. It’s our narrow-minded thinking which downsizes our view of the world. It’s our own embossed prejudices which turn our life into a prison. At the same time, it’s this exact status quo, the habit, the routine which guarantees us a false sense of security. Due to this fact, it’s the state of letting go, which scares us the most. We clench the bars in our own hands so tight, that the grip is getting more and more painful. But still we won’t let go. We rather remain in our own misery, instead of having the courage to go. We arrived at a complete standstill. Maybe through a coincidence, sometimes through pressure or our own will, but at some point in life, we will be thrust through the gate. But contrary to our fear something remarkable happens: We go, one step at the time but always one step further. As soon as we go, we learn. As soon as we go, we change. As soon as we go, we grow. Our own image is getting bigger. Our Opportunities are getting abundant. The range of decisions is endless. Our potential to do whatever we want to do increases staggering heights. It’s not that we automatically get a better life or that the state of going will solve all our problems. But as soon as we go, we’re no longer afraid to let go, when we’re getting stuck again. Let’s face the facts: We’re not made to drown in our own small view of the world. We’re made to fill out the entire picture, so powerful and rich as it possibly could get. This project was created as a sequence with five to six different images, all shoot on different locations which give a sense of distance, like fields, seas or empty streets. The Object was being placed further and further downstream, to accomplish an abstract form of closeness and distance. “Himmelweite” contains more than forty images, all shot in analogue form with a camera obscura.

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