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We as human beings tend to leave our usual habit very rarely. This wouldn’t be a problem, but we also too often tend forget to discover ourselves, while staying in the frame. To be honest, why should we anyway? Habit means comfort, habit means security and if we’re stepping out of the frame, we´re suddenly faced with the unknown scary menace of change. I mean, who needs change, right? Change means disorder and disorder could lead into anarchy and chaos. Quite a scary thought, isn’t it? But maybe we should not forget that we’re meant to be more than usual, buying the same clothes from the same manufacturer or liking the same movies alike. Maybe we’re meant to do more, than playing the same games or having the same opinions, in short: maybe we should do more than staying in the frame. Think about it, what is so desirable to always have the same, the usual? If we always live in the same world, with the same point of view, we forget to discover all her beauty anew. If we always look at the same picture, where is this one magical moment to see something for the first time with our own eyes? Something so amazing that it will keep us in awe because we can’t believe it. Yes, a change can mess up an established order, but it can also touch us so deeply. Change can show the world who we are and what our story who we would like to tell. It can reveal our own voice, which was so long suppressed in the interminable wont. A change can show that an end believed so dead certain, is in truth an enchantingly new beginning. A change can show that a change is not something miserable but a transformation to the new, maybe for the good. Through transformation we can change to be more. To apply something so comfortable and secure like the habit in a culture so complex and deep like ours, it would be a shameful waste. A change is necessary so that our world stays complex and isn’t getting dull. Change is necessary so that we stay complex and aren’t getting dull. Without transformation nothing stays different. “Transformation” consists of two contrary images. The first one is always a photogram, which shows the big transformation of the second one, as well as in its physical state as in the art of the photography. The second image presents the object in its usual form before the transformation. The project so far contains of ten transformed objects and is still in progress.

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